“Double Edge is a gym dedicated to building a strong and supportive community through the connection of fitness”

CrossFit A New Lifestyle- by Alfred Castaldo



About Us

Double Edge is located in the midtown district of Reno, Nevada. Our facility encompasses over 14,000 square feet that includes 11,000 square feet of training space, two private massage rooms, fully supplied women’s and men’s bathrooms, a members lounge, and a designated kids area. Learn More


What is CrossFit

CrossFit training consists of “constantly varied functional movements performed at relatively high intensity”.
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Meet Our Staff

Our highly professional and qualified staff strive for perfect customer service at Double Edge. Learn more about our staff.


What Clients Say

This place feels like home. Having began CrossFit at a different gym in town, I wasn’t too excited about CrossFit in Reno due to a poor experience. From day one, Double Edge had a different feel to it. The staff is not only friendly, but knowledgeable and caring. They WANT to see you succeed in your personal goals and in doing CrossFit the correct and safe way. Derek and Kyle gave me a full tour of the place before it was even open. Their enthusiasm and professionalism is what got me back in the door when it opened. Since then, I have had the most positive experience with not only the staff and trainers, but everyone IN the gym as well. The community feel is evident, and it’s easy to get to know people here. I got my first massage from Bobby and WOW, it was incredible. He knows exactly how to find those sore spots and, while it was painful when I was on the table, I left feeling relieved and relaxed. Bobby also created a learning experience for me in his explanation of how muscles/soreness work while working on me. The 90 minute session was worth every cent. Double Edge is a unique place. I’ve never been somewhere like it, and intend to stay here. Thank you ALL for all the work you do to bring this community of individuals together!
Dawn Johnson
“He has the hands of an evil angel,” my friend and fellow teacher Nicole said at a staff lunch the other day, referring to Bobby. She had recommended him to me for some time but it wasn’t until I won an hour with him at a silent auction that I actually had the experience. Bobby is such a professional and so incredible at what he does! As a massage connoisseur over the years, I had no idea that massage could have such lasting effects on my overall health and well-being. I’m active, a runner, and a backpacker. Recently I’ve began dealing with lower back pain. After my first massage with Bobby, I no longer notice it. I am left feeling better for weeks, even months! I was taking ibuprofen almost every day, and I haven’t taken it once since I began getting massage with him. If you’re looking for massage that makes a difference, I highly recommend Bobby. He is kind, intuitive, educated, and a perfectionist when it comes to his work.
Dana Rose Fleming
The trainers at DoubleEdge are friendly, knowledgeable and truly interested in helping you improve your fitness. Their focus on proper exercise form and intelligent workout programming is second to none. It is great to train at such an amazing facility and with such good people. Their approach works too. Even though I have actively trained for over 20 years, in just six months of training with the DoubleEdge team I have gained 12 pounds of muscle while maintaining 10% bodyfat and my strength gains have been amazing. DoubleEdge provides a great community combined with real results.
Ken Lambert
I have trained with Jacob for more than a year and have made physical progress I can see and feel. He knows how and when to motivate me and creates a workout I enjoy. I appreciate his temperament and thank him for changing my attitude toward fitness.
I have worked out with Jacob (and at times, Derek & Kyle) several times a week for over 3 years and it has been without a doubt one of the most beneficial investments in myself that I have ever made. Whether it is staving off genetics, or wanting to become a more toned, healthy version of yourself, Jacob and the rest of the team take the time to listen and craft a regiment tailored for you, all backed up by a wealth of information. You are never given something that you cannot do and Jacob is right there with you the entire time, gently motivating and making any needed adjustments along the way. Because of Jacob’s meticulous care, vast amount of knowledge and unsurpassed passion for what he does, I feel that I am and continue to be the best version of me. Something that I know I would not be with out Jacob and the rest of the team.
Marissa M.
We recommend Kyle Hemsley without hesitation because he truly listens to his clients. He is willing to customize routines to fit both our needs and has the patience of a saint working with those that are less coordinated. Kyle keeps us motivated and engaged by changing the routine, making the workout as enjoyable as possible.
Dean & Claudia Byrne, Dickson Realty
I wasn’t working out for a while because I was having a lot of problems with my neck and back so I went to Bobby to see if a massage therapist would be able to help, and it was the best decision I’ve ever made! No amount of rolling out can give you the same results. I’m back in the gym and feeling better than ever! When I heard about this gym opening up I couldn’t have been more excited! I’ve worked out with some of these coaches before and they’re some of the greatest people you’ll ever meet, not to mention the most fit and knowledgeable when it comes to CrossFit. Plus with all the added perks they’re offering AND a massage therapist on staff, it’s going to be the place to be!
Ian Garcia
I have trained with Kyle, Derek, and Jacob for the last three years and I can honestly say these boys are the real deal!! You might not like them at the end of your training session (jusk kidding Kyle, I always love you), but you will have worked out really hard and done things you did not think your body was capable of doing. I had a back injury caused by a previous trainer, and Kyle trained and stretched me back to health. As an added bonus, all three guys are super sweet and actually really care about your individual health and training goals. The gym is well equipped and friendly, and no matter what your level, you will be comfortable training at Double Edge. And while I have never trained with Michelle, I hear she is kick-ass in the group classes. Come check Double Edge out. You will not regret trying it out.
Natalie Reed, Reed Law Offices
Massage therapy is vital to my recovery and overall health. Bobby has the knowledge, experience, and touch to provide the kind of restorative therapy I need. Following a session with Bobby, my entire body feels better and my range of mobility improves dramatically. I recommend him to anyone looking to enhance their quality of life and performance.
What happens when you combine Reno’s best trainers with an all new, centrally located, state-of-the-art facility? Well, you become excited about working out and living a healthy and fit lifestyle. I’ve had the pleasure of personal 1-1 training with Kyle Hemsley for several years and have taken classes with many of the Double Edge instructors. Their functional fitness works. Imagine being trained to be physically strong in everyday movements. I am stronger and have more flexibility than ever before. Not every 50 year old can say that. I can’t wait for the future. Bring it, I’m ready.
Andrew Reel
When I first came to train with Derek, I was already in “good shape”, but I was always getting injured. Something always hurt – and not in a good way. I had also struggled through two years of rehab and fitness training to recover from a knee injury. After just two months of training with the team at Double Edge, I had full range of motion of my knee and my hamstrings were working again – something I had thought would never be possible. After 4 months of training, I have no pain in my lower back, which has hurt me for over 5 years. I am stronger and fitter than ever. Most importantly, I can use my fitness to get back to the sports I love, because I’m not always injured! K.A.
This is the place if you want to get into the best – and healthiest – shape of your life. I have had the privilege of training with Derek (and occasionally Jacob and Kyle) for more than three years. I feel great and have had no injuries. Plus the workouts are always different, challenging and fun. Absolutely the best part of my day! Deborah
Deborah W.
I started personal training with Derek about 18 months ago after approximately 20 years of a sedentiary lifestyle and a back injury. He was patient and supportive to get me started and has been that way ever since. The workouts are challenging and always different so there’s no chance of getting bored. Now my back is stronger than ever and I am pain free!
Vikki A.
I have knee and shoulder injuries and was frustrated with the limitations I was experiencing in trying to return to the level of fitness that I desired. I made minimal progress working with a physical therapist. I trained with Derek for about a year and a half several years ago and went back to him for help. In just 3 months, I have been amazed at what I have been able to accomplish with Derek’s guidance. I fully trust his knowledge on how to regain strength without aggravating my injuries. The workouts are challenging and rewarding. Derek is fully engaged during our workouts and offers continuous correction and encouragement. I couldn’t be more pleased and look forward to continued improvement. Thanks Derek!
David C.
I’ve been active all of my life, but I’ve never been as mentally and physically strong as I am now that I’ve worked with these trainers/coaches. Whether it’s in the group class environment or one-on-one training, they guide and challenge you throughout the workouts. Kyle worked with me through an injury and adapted my training program so that I could continue to see results even though I had limitations. Working with Kyle one-on-one allowed me to increase my strength and endurance to levels I didn’t know I was capable of reaching. I know many women are intimidated by strength training (especially heavy lifting) or worried that it’ll make them big and bulky, but I can attest to the fact that with the proper coaching, strength training can be fun and help you achieve amazing muscle definition and tone.
Carli West Kinne